About us
Cadovimex II set up since 2007, the business license No: 1400591736, dated 23/5/2007 and up date: 12/7/2012. Main production in aquaculture, processing and exporting seafood (Pangasius products).

Head office and freezing factory located in the extended C Area, Sadec Industrial Zone, Dong Thap Province, along side of Mekong River, suitable for transportation by boats (live fish) and trucks (finished products). This location is not only in central area of Pangasius farms of DongThapProvince but also in the Mekong Delta-Viet Nam.
Total initial investment: 300 billion VNĐ (15 millions USD) included building up factory, office and farms. Company start operation since May/2008.
CADOVIMEX II FREEZING FACTORY (EU code DL 483) has full processing capacity of 250-300 T raw fish/day, factory has been audited annually by NAFIQAD with level A, reached high hygienic conditions for food safety, applied the quality control system of HACCP,GMP, SOP. Our factory has also been annually audited by other international organizations such as SGS(SWISS), INTERTEK (UK), ACC (USA) and certified ISO 9001-2008, BRC, IFS, BAP, HALAL…
Our freezing factory equipped modernized machines with capacity included:

02 Conveyor system for receiving live fish 300 tons per day
04 Bleeding line system 300 tons per day
12 Filleting conveyor lines 300 tons per day
08 Units of skinning machines 12 tons per hour
12 Conveyor system for Trimming 30 tons per day
06 System of Sizing & Grading 3 tons per hour per machine
08 IQF Belt Freezers 500 kg/h per machine
08 Automatic conveyors system for glazing.
10 Conveyors system for Re- freezing
500 kg/h per machine
04 Units of Contacted freezers 1,200 kg per shift (2,5-3 h)
01 Pre- Freezing Cold storage  5,000 kg
04 Finished Products Cold rooms -200C 5,000 tons
10 Units of Vacuum Packing 200 cartons per hour
30 Units of PE Pressing 2,000 bags per hour

In addition factory also equipped a laboratory with moderned equipments for daily testing, checking, inspecting the quality of products, water, waste –water, materials during processing. The moisture testing machine available to control the moisture contents in the products as customers demand.
Main Pangasius products included:
- Pangasius Fillets: well trimmed, untrimmed, semi-trimmed, skin on, portion cut, loin cut with natural white, light pink, pink, dark pink, light yellow, yellow color meat.All size: 3/5oz/pc (84-140g/pc), 5/7(140-196g/pc),7/9(196-252g/pc),9/11(252-308g/pc) and up.
 - Whole round fish; headless gutted tail - on (HGT); Steak.
- Pangasius Breaded fillet and other value added products.
Packing products suitable for whole sale and retail distribution.
With these available capacity, we can supply about 100-150 x 40” FCL/month.
Since the year 2012, Cadovimex II has become one of the ten biggest Pangasius exporters from Viet Nam. Total volume reached 18,000-20,000 tons finished products per year (2012) and step by step increases full capacity in the future. For 2013 afterward, we intend to reach 25,000-30,000 tons/year.
Total turnover about 60- 80 million USD.
Our main markets: The US, North and South AMERICA, EU, ASIA, as well as other territories on world wide.
In order to reach the high quality products and friendly environment, we have organized an integrated process from selecting the best of fingerlings, fish culturing, processing until exporting, distributing.
We are expanding our owned farms as well as set up a program to combine with the experienced farmers to build up our farm area of 120-150 ha to guarantee for supplying regularly 50,000-60,000 tons of live fish enough for processing whole year round. We used the best aqua-feeds were certified by GLOBAL GAP to supply to our farms.
We also set up our plant to process the by-products after filleting (fish head, bone, broken meat, fat…), capacity 150T of by-products/day to produce fish oil, fish meal for animal feed mills.
We have the cold storage system with capacity of 5.000 pallets. (40.000 m3).
We are using about 3,000 employees working full time for us with full social responsibility. Annually audited by authorized organization.
Our products are supplying to WAL-MART, SYSCO super market chains in the US as well as other super markets in EU, ASIA.
         With our slogan: “PRESTIGE- QUALITY- DURABLE”.
We commit to supply you with reliable, safe, delicious and healthy products. We are willing to become a good partner in your business and successful.
      Thanks & Best Regards,
Bui Tat Phuong- Chairman & CEO
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